Nothing in Moderation: Ancient to Contemporary Perspectives on Excess
The Eleventh Biennial Bryn Mawr College Graduate Group Symposium
November 3-4, 2017


November 3rd, Friday Finds: Artist conversation with multimedia artist Katie Hubbell: With Matthew Jameson (PhD candidate, Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology), Mechella Yezernitskaya (PhD candidate, History of Art), and Kat Ford (MA candidate, History of Art), Hubbell will discuss her commission for the symposium exhibition, Fragmentary Excess: Body, Text, Receptacle (on view in the Eva Jan Coombe Suite) and her take on Beyond Boundaries: Feminine Forms, Friday, November 3, 12:00 – 1:00pm, Seminar Room 205, 2nd Floor Canaday Library

Keynote Address: November 3, 4:30 – 6:00 pm, Carpenter B21

Surplus, Excess, and Luxury: Some ancient perspectives on Man and Nature
Kenneth Lapatin, Curator of Antiquities at the J. Paul Getty Museum

Reception: Seminar Room 205, 2nd Floor Canaday Library, 6:00 -7:30pm


November 4th: 9:00 am – 5:00

Coffee and Breakfast: 8:00 – 8:45, Quita Woodward Room

Welcome and Introductions: 8:45 – 9:00, College Hall 224


Panel 1: Metaphorical Excess 9:00 – 10:00, College Hall 224
Chair: Elena Gittleman

Wisdom and Excessive Knowledge: Seneca’s Critique of the Liberal Arts
Luca D’Anselmi, Bryn Mawr College

Sumptuous Subterfuge: Painted Fabrics in Renaissance Florence
Jacob Eisensmith, University of Pittsburgh

Confronting the Complexity of Sol LeWitt’s “Location” Drawings
Alexander Bigman, New York University

Nothing Personal: Critique of Suburban and Corporate Sprawl in New Topographics, 1975
Emilia Mickevicius, Brown University

Q&A: 10:00 – 10:20

Coffee Break: 10:20 – 10:30, Quita Woodward Room


Panel 2: Displays of Excess, 10:30 – 11:30, College Hall 224
Chair: Sarah Luckey

The Story of the Shell Pits: Excessive Consumption at Tell Abraq during the Iron Age I (1,300-1,100 BCE)
Matthew Jameson, Bryn Mawr College

Marketing the Monarch: Jewelry and Modernity in Franz Xaver Winterhalter’s Royal Portraits
John Webley, Columbia University

Mapping the Art Collections of San Francisco’s Railroad Tycoons, 1849-1906
Roxanne Smith, Columbia University

Enveloped in Opulence: John Singer Sargent’s Women and the Painted Garment
Lea Stephenson, Williams College

Q&A: 11:30 – 11:50

Lunch Break: 11:50 – 1:45, Lunch provided for speakers in Quita Woodward Room


Panel 3: (Un)acceptable Excess, 1:45 – 2:45, College Hall 224
Chair: Katherine Ford

Moderation in Excess: Lucretius and Aristotle on a Recursive Problem in Hellenistic Ethics
Collin Hilton, Bryn Mawr College

Politics and Wine Don’t Mix: Reconciling Contradiction in Arrian’s Anabasis
Kelly Taylor, The Ohio State University

Excess and Loyalty in Lucan’s Bellum Civile
Mary Somerville, Bryn Mawr College

A Grisly Surfeit: Peter Frederick Rothermel’s Battle of Gettysburg: Pickett’s Charge (1870)
Ramey Mize, University of Pennsylvania

Q&A: 2:45 – 3:05

Coffee Break: 3:05 – 3:30, Quita Woodward Room


Panel 4: Forging Identity through Excess, 3:30 – 4:30, College Hall 224
Chair: Laurel McLaughlin

The Triumph of Tryphe: Dionysian Themes on Luxury Goods from Ptolemaic Egypt
Ellen Archie, Emory University

Poetics of Seepage Excess and Gender in Juvenal 6
Kate Dolson, Bryn Mawr College

Enviable Possessions or Objects of Mass Consumption? The Thirteenth-Century Gemellions of Limoges
Michelle al-Ferzly, University of Michigan

Visions in the Crowd – Gendering the Masses in Weimar Modernity
Francesca Ferrari, New York University

Q&A: 4:30 – 4:50

Concluding Remarks and Responses: 4:50 – 5:00

Closing Dinner: 6:00 – 8:00, Crust Pizza, 872 Lancaster Ave., Bryn Mawr, PA 19010


Symposium Co-chairs
Collin Hilton
Matthew Jameson
Laurel McLaughlin

Symposium Committee
Kate Dolson
Katherine Ford
Elena Gittleman
Sarah Luckey
Ashley Mason
Mary Somerville
Andrew Thraler
Christie Villareal

Exhibition Committee
Kate Dolson
Katherine Ford
Elena Gittleman
Matthew Jameson
Sarah Luckey
Laurel McLaughlin
Christie Villarreal

Graphic Design
Zach Silvia